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Are You Serious

If yoga comes from India, the onus of true yoga wear cannot be on the world.

So it is with the utmost respect that we present Proyog, the world’s first super-specialized yoga attire for serious practitioners. It is designed to enhance the practice.

Proyog is no sportswear in disguise. In fact, it’s a clarion call to millions of present-day yoga lovers who still wear polyester. Unaware of the innate contradiction, or the harm they invite.

Naturally breathable, Proyog is meant to liberate.To free the body so the mind can focus. It is the polar opposite of synthetic. Soft and stretchable, neither too tight nor too loose, Proyog moves along with the body as you breathe in and out of asanas.

Our purpose is pure and simple. The perfect yoga wear can distil and deepen your yoga experience.

Proyog’s line of yoga wear products is available to serious practitioners worldwide. So are all its specifications. It is our gift to the world.