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Proyog Yoga Mat Natural Cotton with Grip I Dhaga Grey

Handwoven by skilful weavers with 100% organic cotton yarn, the Dhaga Mat is designed for the adept yogi. The pinhead design at the base gives a natural and comfortable grip.

This mat is a visual treat as you practice on it or read about practice on it, or simply spread it out decoratively when not in use. It delivers in more ways than one :)

The woven pattern carries 4 symbols representing Earth, Wind, Air and Fire. All the Space that you need to express your balance.



    1. Handwoven from organic cotton.
    2. Anti skid coating on the base.
    3. Thickness: 9 mm. Weight: 1.6 kg.
    4. Dimensions: 25*73 ft.
    1. Cotton mat with rubber anti-skid base.
    2. Handwoven from 100% cotton yarn.
    1. Dust out the mat in an open area.
    2. Soak with gentle to mild detergent.
    3. Hand wash with a gentle action.
    4. Sun dry or air dry before use or storage.
    5. DO NOT put your mat in the washing machine or

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