Yoga Mat and Bag: Bengal Mat Combo Denim Print

The Bengal non-slip mat provides for extreme grip and traction while you move in and out of your asanas. Entirely biodegradable and recyclable. Combine this with our spacious mat bag, with pockets. Perfect to tote your yoga mat around in style.

  • A spacious mat bag, perfect to tote your yoga mat around in.
    1. Adjustable shoulder straps.
    2. Inner zippered pocket.
    3. Outer water bottle holder.
    4. Contrast inner lining.
    5. Size: 27” X 6.5” X 6.5”.
    1. 100% cotton outer shell.
    2. 100% cotton lining.
    3. 100% cotton straps.
    1. Dry-clean only.
    2. Spot clean with a soft damp cloth, if nesscessary.