The Dhaga Mat - Grey

Handwoven by skillful weavers with 100% organic cotton yarn, The Dhaga Mat is designed for the adept yogi. The pinhead design at the base gives a natural and comfortable grip.

This mat is a visual treat as you practice on it or read about practice on it, or simply spread it out decoratively when not in use. it works in more ways than one:)

The woven pattern carries 4 symbols representing Earth, Wind, Air and Fire. All the Space that you need to express your balance.



    1. Handwoven from organic cotton.
    2. Anti skid coating on base.
    3. Thickness: 9 mm. Weight: 1.6 kg.
    4. Dimensions: 25*73 ft.
    1. Cotton mat with rubber anti-skid base.
    2. Handwoven from 100% cotton yarn.
    1. Dust out the mat in an open area.
    2. Soak with gentle to mild detergent.
    3. Hand wash with a gentle action.
    4. Sun dry or air dry before use or storage.
    5. DO NOT put your mat in the washing machine or

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