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Did you know that most people are unaware that they are wearing plastic or PET fabrics for yoga? In an extensive study done by us, we found that 9 out of 10 yoga practitioners in US and Canada are wearing clothing made of polyester and nylon!

Save Polluted

It is shocking that a 3000-year-old tradition like yoga has literally been polluted by plastic fibres: in a sense the purity of yoga has been sacrificed at the altar of modernity.


Simply put, you need to start wearing organic or organic-rich clothing that is gentle on your body and the planet: cotton, linen, silk, wool, hemp, or even bamboo. You need to check product labels to ensure that the fabric (cotton, etc.) is organically grown and ethically produced. Please say a big 'No' to recycled plastic garments for yoga: both the cost and eco-footprint of recycling plastic fibres is immense. These are some of the fibres that you need to ban from your yoga wear wardrobe:

The disposal of human-made or PET fibres is a global ecological problem. But eco-conservation is not the only reason why we should not be wearing yoga clothes made from synthetic fibres.


Wearing synthetic yoga wear causes compression and restricts free-flowing movement.


Also, plastic is not naturally breathable, therefore doesn’t allow the skin to breathe naturally.


Petrochemical fibres suffocate the skin and prevent the natural release of toxins from your body: this could cause skin rashes, acne, nausea, fatigue, burning, itching, headaches, etc. Besides, skin-tight clothes make you sweat more: you become a breeding environment for viral, fungal, and bacterial infections, such as folliculitis or psoriasis. As you know, breathability is the very basis of yogic practice.

In order to serve the principles of yoga practice and our general well-being it is high time we too play our part in being far more responsible about what we wear. So, what are we, at Proyog, doing about it? This is the beginning of our campaign called ‘Save Yoga from Plastic’ to create awareness about the ill-effects of PET fibres used in yoga clothing in three directions:

  • Antithetical to the principles of traditional practice of yoga
  • Adverse effects on our health and well-being
  • Impact on our environment

We are taking the campaign to yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, city and state governments, our business partners, and even our competitors. We salute some of the brands that are using organic fibres and are striving to keep yoga plastic free.

  • Asquith London
  • Beckons Yoga Clothing
  • Hyde USA
  • Inner Waves Organics
  • Yogiiza USA
  • Prancing Leopard

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