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March 13, 2023 3 min read

Yoga pants are the most important piece of clothing for a practitioner. While there are numerous options available, at Proyog we focus on the styles that are most comfortable, give the maximum stretch and of course, look great on and off the mat.

To help you narrow down your search for what works best for you, here is our review of the 10 best yoga pants for women.

1. Ankle Leggings

Ankle-length yoga tights are the most popular among all yoga pants. The Baka leggings are made of Organic Cotton with Lycra for stretch. The gusset at the crotch allows for easy movement in and out of asanas.

All the seams are reinforced, so you can practice in the yoga leggings without any stress. In a variety of colours, these are truly the best yoga pants.

2. Black Full Leggings

Every yogi must have a perfect black pair of yoga leggings. The Anjali yoga leggings are just that.

With a broad tummy-tuck waistband, the shape is flattering and designed to create a slimming silhouette.

3. Yoga Pants

The most universal of all bottom wear for yoga are the fold-over yoga pants. In colours to match any of your top wear, the Vriksh pants will become your wardrobe staple.

The softness of the Bamboo fabric gives these pants a very special feel. Wear them effortlessly from work to your yoga studio.

Girl doing yoga in red yoga pants

4. Traditional Dhoti

A reinvention of the Indian loincloth called dhotis, these easy-to-wear pants are ideal for correct yoga postures.

The Chandra dhoti shorts are crafted from a single piece of Modal and Organic Cotton blended fabric to lend the utmost comfort and flexibility while the pleats create a fuller silhouette.


Woman doing yoga pose in Proyog yoga dhoti

5. Iyengar Shorts

Specially designed for the Iyengar style of yoga, the Padma Organic Cotton Bamboo shorts are all about comfort and full coverage.

The wide waistbands allow unrestricted bending and a snug fit while embracing your movements. Available in a wide range of colours, these shorts are also perfect options as loungewear.

Woman in Iyengar Yoga Shorts

6. Linen Pants

Highly absorbent and breathable, Linen is the most sought-after piece of fabric when it comes to casual outfits.

The ankle-length Yama pants are made of pure Linen and designed with straight cut, deep pockets, soft elastic waistbands and panels to blend comfort with style. Ideal for your yoga sessions, these pants are available in a wide range of pastel hues to choose from.

Woman in linen pants in field

7. Linen Shorts

Longer than the Iyengar Shorts, the Chakra yoga shorts with spacious pockets are flattering on all body types.

Made of pure Linen fabric, these shorts are lightweight, moisture-managing and ideal for an indoor or outdoor yoga sesh under the scorching heat of summer. You can choose from a vast range of shades and sizes.

Woman sitting on rock in linen shorts

8. Contemporary Dhoti

Inspired by traditional Indian dhotis, the contemporary dhoti yoga pants for women are sustainable and practical options.

The Tula yoga pants are loose above the knees while snug on the cuff and ankles. The cuff-length Vira yoga pants are designed with soft waistbands, deep pockets and cosy cuff bands.


Woman posing in yoga bra and yoga dhoti

9. Harem pants

Soft and flowy, the Bindu yoga pants are made of OCS-certified Organic Cotton and Bamboo fabrics.

These pants are so lightweight that you’ll feel you’re wearing almost nothing during your yoga sessions and beyond that. The broad waistband, soft gatherings around the waist, deep pockets and semi-snug bands above the ankles are all about style and comfort.

Woman leaning against wall in yoga top and yoga harem pants

10. Easy Pants

For a comfortable style statement while you practice, the Beeja yoga pants are an ideal option. The speciality of these pants lies in the design, which allows for movement while creating a slim silhouette.

Hence, these are stylized with angular pleats around the waist and gatherings around the ankles. The deep pockets and broad waistband give these pants a contemporary touch.


Woman in bra and easy yoga pants


So, here it is: the 10 best yoga pants for women you can consider for your daily sessions.

Explore Proyog, the online Yoga shop for these and more designs to choose from.

Premium quality, snug fit and easy maintenance are the most prominent aspects of our curated collection.

You can also check out some of the coolest top wear for yoga at our online store. So, why wait? Shop online today and make the most of your yoga sessions!

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