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November 10, 2021 5 min read

So finally, the festivities have ended. After a month-long celebration and revelries of Navratri, Durga Puja, Dussehra, and Deepawali, our favorite time of the year is winding down. It is also the time where most of us end up eating a lot of sweets, junk food, and fried snacks throughout the festival season. Because of this, many of us end up experiencing gas issues, bloating, acidity, or acid reflux.

If you are wondering if there is any way to avoid this, then you have reached the right place. Here are 6 simple yoga postures that you can practice daily to avoid bloating, gas issues, acid reflux. So get into your yoga pants and let's begin!

 yoga poses for gas acidity and bloating

Riya wears the Bodhi panelled pants, Bhuj racer back tank with the Laya panelled jacket 

1. Ankle stretch breathing

• Stand tall in the center of the mat, keeping your eyes closed and relaxed.
• Open your eyes softly and fix your gaze at a point on the wall ahead.
• Place the palms on the front of your thighs.
• While inhaling, raise your hands, lift your heels up and stretch the ankles. Feel yourself growing taller and firm.
• As you exhale, bring your hands and heels down.
• Repeat 5 times keeping the movement of your hands and ankles continuous; aligning the breath with the movement. 
• Feel the stretch from your toes up to the fingertips as you reach upwards.
• Once your 5 rounds are done, relax in a standing position, keeping the hands by the side of the thighs. Observe your breath and enjoy the stability for a few seconds.


• This breathing practice helps to relax the mind and improves blood circulation. 
• It is amazing for our respiratory, endocrine, and nervous systems.

yoga for acidity and gas

Riya wears the Bodhi panelled pants and the Bhuj racer back tank

2. Ardhakati Chakrasana

• Stand in the center of the mat, keeping the feet together, hands by the sides.
• While inhaling, slowly raise the right arm up from the side, palm facing the sky.
• Continue to raise the arm with deep inhalation, until the biceps touches the right ear.
• Now exhaling, extend the trunk and right arm slowly to the left.
• Let the left palm slide down along the left thigh.
• Do not bend the right elbow or the knees.
• Maintain the posture for 10-12 breath cycles.
• Inhale, stretch the right arm up, and slowly come back to the upright position. 
• Bring the right arm down as you exhale to the standing position.
• Repeat on the other side.
*Note - bend laterally, do not bend forward or backward.


• Stimulates the sides of the body.
• Gives lateral extension to the spine and improves liver functioning.

Yoga poses for acidity and gas

Riya wears the Bodhi panelled pantsBhuj racer back tank with the Laya panelled jacket 

3. Vakrasana

• Sit on the mat with the legs stretched in the front and palms by the side of the body.
• Bend the right leg and place the right foot beside the left knee.
• Twist the waist towards the right as you exhale. Bring the left arm around the right knee and hug the knee.
• Take the right arm back and keep the palm on the ground in such a way that the trunk is kept erect while twisting. (If the spine is collapsing, place a block under your right palm to support yourself)
• After maintaining the pose for about 10-12 breath cycles, release both the hands and come back to the center.
• Relax for a couple of deep breaths and repeat on the other side.


• Lateral twists make the spine flexible and tone the spinal nerves.
• Helps to cure constipation, acidity, gastric issues, and dyspepsia.
• Stimulates the pancreas.
• Good for people with diabetes.

bhujang asan

Riya wears the Bodhi panelled pants and the Bhuj racer back tank 

4. Bhujangasana

• Lie down on your stomach on the mat
• Bend the arms at the elbows and place the palms beside the lower chest at the level of the last rib.
• Keep the elbows close to the body.
• Inhale and slowly lift the upper body from the chest.
• Arch the dorsal spine and neck backward as far as you can. (If you have cervical spondylosis then look front)
• Keep the body below the navel in touch with the ground.
• Hold the final position with normal breathing for 7 to 8 breath cycles with the least pressure on the palms.
• Exhaling, slowly come back down.
• Hold your opposite elbows in from of your head, rest the forehead on the forearms and relax for a couple of normal breaths.
*Note - If you have undergone any abdominal surgery then avoid the posture for 2 months. 


• Helps in reducing abdominal fat.
• Effective in curing stomach and digestive disorders.
• Brings flexibility to the dorsal spine.

yoga poses for acidity and gas

Riya wears the Bodhi panelled pants and the Bhuj racer back tank 

5. Viparita Karani with wall support

To set the props:

• Put the nonslip mat on the floor with one end touching the wall.
• Put the bolster on the mat, parallel to and near the wall but not touching it.
• Place the yoga block flat on the floor, between the wall and the bolster, and parallel to them.
To go into the pose:

• Sit on the right end of your bolster so that your left side is touching the wall.
Tuck your knees in toward your torso and carefully roll to the left toward the center of your bolster so that you end up on your back with your legs extending up the wall and your upper body on the floor. Your buttocks will hang slightly off the bolster touching the block.
•Comfort is paramount. Pain or discomfort can agitate the body/mind and will diminish the effects of the pose. If your back is uncomfortable, try lying flat on the floor without the bolster, and extend your legs up the wall.
• To come out, roll onto either side and pause there before gently pushing up to a sitting position.
*Note - For deeper relaxation add an eye mask or Proyog Nidra Eye Pillow.


• Soothes nervous system.
• Improves digestion.
• Relaxes the lower back.

yoga pose for acidity and gas

Riya wears the Bodhi panelled pantsBhuj racer back tank with the Laya panelled jacket 

6. Vajrasana breathing

• Start by kneeling on the floor. 
Pull your knees and ankles together, as close as possible without feeling any discomfort and extend your feet on the mat.
Exhale as you sit back on your legs.
• Sit straight comfortably with the buttocks resting on both the heels and palms resting on the thighs.
• Keep the eyes closed and relaxed.
• Now simply breath in and out through your stomach. Notice the expansion and contraction of your abdominal muscles.
• Stay here for 7-8 deep breath cycles.
*Note - If your feel that your spine is rounding, then add a block under your buttocks to extend the spine. If you experience knee pain, use a pillow between your back thighs and calves.


• Breathing practice in this posture helps in increasing the blood flow to the stomach and intestine, hence helping the food digest effectively. It's an amazing posture for a weak digestive system.

All these simple postures if done regularly along with a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle, will help you in preventing gas problems, acidity, and various other digestion issues.

yoga tips for bloating and gas and acidity


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