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June 21, 2021 4 min read

Covid-19 is the most unwelcomed guest you want in your body, and yet in reality, currently, so many people are dealing it with. And as someone who had the most recent acquaintance with the virus. I can say how difficult and lonely this disease can get, but while we do suffer and our body tries to fight the virus, we also have to keep ourselves mentally calm and strong.

So here are few things that helped me keep myself sane during this experience.

1. Staying connected with the outside 

Stay connected with friends when you have covid

Preksha wears the Padma shorts and Bharni bralette

Locked inside your room all alone, it can get incredibly lonely and dark in your head. So you must stay connected to the outside world in whatever way you can. Call a friend, video chat with your family, or just WhatsApp your next-door neighbour. Of course, it is essential to update them about your health, but it's also vital to enquire about them and know you aren't alone in this fight.

2. Journal

journaling helps when you have covid

Preksha wears the Padma shorts and Bharni bralette

 I know I might sound a little too preachy, but there are things that you might feel that you can't get yourself to talk about with anyone. And writing it down or just recording a voice note will help you lift off its weight from your own shoulders. You can also compare to note the progress in how you have been feeling. I used to try and write at least one positive thing about each day. It could be as simple as the weather or a slight change in my body temperature. This would instantly fill me with some hope. 

3. Read

10 things to do when you get covid

 Fictional Therapy is a real thing. When your body and mind are going through so much, even a little bit of distraction helps and finding yourself in an imaginary world is strangely calming. For a while, you can live in this world as a different character and see things from their perspective. Choose heartfelt and light books.

4. Rewatch 

10 things that helped me through covid

 You can never run out of new movies and series to watch. However, sometimes rewatching your favourite movies and shows again can take you back to a familiar place. It can feel like a warm hug in this otherwise cold scenario. You might discover something new or see things differently this time around.

5. Feel 

10 things that kept me sane during covid

Preksha wears the Padma shorts and Bharni bralette

 While it is essential to stay positive and hopeful, remember to embrace how you feel and express it freely. It's okay to burst into tears or be angry; it's okay to also feel numb or lost. Know that there is no right or wrong way to
feel. But it's crucial to keep your feelings unguarded from yourself.

6. Chant

10 things that kept me sane when i got covid

Preksha wears the Padma shorts and Bharni bralette 

There will be moments when you wouldn't feel like doing any of the above, and neither can you fall asleep as your brain doesn't shut off. Instead, anxiety kicks in, making you restless, and that's when chanting can help. For example, repeating a simple om, a mantra, the name of a god you have faith in, or simply a positive affirmation. When you repeat something a couple of times, it creates a distraction for your mind and can help you breathe calmly. 

7. Form a habit

10 things that kept me sane when i got covid

Preksha wears the Padma shorts and Bharni bralette 

While you are sick and can't do your regular work, life can feel mundane. And waking up every morning with really no purpose or nothing to look forward to can make you feel anxious.
So make a habit or set a checklist of completing tiny tasks every day. It could be something as simple as making your bed, taking a shower, watering the plants, chanting or meditation, checking in with your family or reading a page or two. All of these can add a purpose to your day and make you feel you have accomplished something.

8. Nature

10 things that kept me sane when i got covid
Nature is a great friend and an even better healer. So take time out to observe nature, watching the sky, looking at birds, talking to your plants, and basking in the sun. Try to get some natural light and fresh air every day.

9. Exercise & Nutrition

10 things that helped me stay sane when i got covid

Preksha wears the Padma shorts and Bharni bralette 

Your diet and exercise regime mainly depends on your symptoms and their intensity. You should listen to your doctor's advice and listen to your body. Eating light and healthy meals while keeping yourself hydrated is important.
One thing you should not skip is breathing exercises. Covid-19 virus affects your oxygen levels and lungs, so exercises to help you open up your nasal passage and increase lung capacity are extremely important. Make sure you are doing the exercises in the right way and under some supervision.  

10. Rest

10 things that kept me sane when i got covid

Preksha wears the Padma shorts and Bharni bralette 

This cannot be said enough, but rest is the most ideal at this time. It helps you recover faster and feel fresher. You can always count on it to make you feel better. Rest doesn't always mean falling asleep. It just means switching off for a while and just calming your body and your eyes.
Despite having these tips, you might have moments of feeling anxious, low and sick with no motivation to do anything. It's alright to feel this way. 
Having Covid-19 is an unexpected and unplanned time in our life, but know that you aren't alone in this, and it does get better.


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