Why you should yoga like the OG yogis did?

April 24, 2019

Why you should yoga like the OG yogis did?


Yogis from India original

We've listed out the reasons why we think the dhoti is the best garment to yoga in, hands down.

It breathes.

The breath is Prana or vital force. For anyone practicing yoga, the breath is the guide, the pivot and the fulcrum on which the asanas rest. It's no wonder the masters wore natural materials in simple unrestrictive drapes.

Chandra dhoti black

 It moves with you.

The dhoti takes the shape of your body. It contours around different body types in a way unique to the wearer. 

Vira dhoti washed

 It's comfortable.

No, we don't mean that ordinary kind of comfortable that you normally associate with yoga clothes. It's a super-comfortable garment that will literally pamper you. In our experience, once someone tries the dhoti, it's tough to get out of them.

Tula dhoti black

It's got swag.

The dhoti is super stylish. It's got a coolness factor you just won't find with other yoga gear. Wear it off the mat and you've got a really cool style statement that's super comfortable and of course Instagram ready! 

Here are some Proyogis showing us how it's done.

Proyogis wearing the dhoti