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May 27, 2024 2 min read

Namaste studio owners!

We are so grateful for the yoga spaces being built around the country, offering unique spaces for the physical and mental well-being of yogis.

When we started our journey it was not common to find a yoga studio to suit your needs.

Since as a  studio owner you have enough on your plate, navigating the business side of a studio and ensuring the studio thrives while staying true to the yogic values of sustainability, we at Proyog focus on offering solutions that are eco-friendly and performance based.

We asked some of the studio owners we worked with what their greatest pain points and their top needs were. And this is what they said:

The importance of investing in quality yoga gear.

Problem: First impressions matter and studios want to get quality product that will last. Stepping into a studio with worn-out, low-quality mats or cracked blocks and torn belts creates a subpar experience for potential students. 

Solution: Proyog offers a range ofyoga mats andaccessories crafted from high-grade, materials like natural rubber which are sustainable and durable. 

Different styles of yoga require a variety of props.

Problem: A successful studio caters to a variety of yoga styles and student needs. A single studio may offer more than one yoga stream and needs to be fully equipped. 

Solution: Proyog offers a comprehensive selection of yoga accessories, allowing you to equip your classes for optimal practice and attract students with diverse interests.

We need to maintain an enhanced Brand Identity:

Problem: We understand that your studio's atmosphere is key to creating a loyal community. And the brands that you associate with, will bolster your studio’s image as well give the brand credibility.

Solution:At Proyog we tailor offers for your students so that when they shop at Proyog they get the best deals. Everything that is available at Proyog, clothes and yoga mats and accessories are sustainable, have built-in performance and will be sure to impress your students.

We want to align with our students' values.

Problem: Modern students are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of their choices. 

Solution: We at Proyog embrace eco-friendly practices, using sustainable materials like natural rubber, wood, 100% cotton and bamboo in their products. Partnering with Proyog allows you to align your studio with these values, attracting environmentally conscious students and fostering a sense of responsibility towards our earth.

The Proyog Advantage.

So as we explored the pain points of yoga studios we also found unique solutions based on our collective mission to promote yoga. Beyond the revenue benefits, Proyog offers several advantages for Indian yoga studio owners:

  • Proud to be Indian: Proyog is a proud Indian brand, committed to providing high-quality yoga essentials at fair prices. We are completely designed, manufactured and produced in India.
  • High Performance: Proyog's products are designed for yoga and built to last, reducing replacement costs and ensuring value for your studio.
  • Best-in-class Customer Service: Proyog prioritizes customer satisfaction, offering excellent support and warranty options.

By partnering with us at Proyog, you will invest in more than just yoga gear. 

Ready to embark on a journey of growth with Proyog? Visit proyog.com to explore their extensive range of yoga products and contact us forwholesale partnerships.

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