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April 17, 2023 2 min read

As women who practice yoga regularly, we understand the importance of having the right yoga mat to support our yoga practice. We believe that natural yoga mats are the perfect choice for women yogis, as they aligns with our values of self-care, sustainability, and empowerment, while embracing the tenets of the yogi lifestyle.

Firstly, our mats are constructed from natural and sustainable materials like rubber, jute, and cotton. This makes them not only a responsible choice for the environment, but also a healthier option for women who may be sensitive to chemicals or synthetic materials. Our mats are free from harmful chemicals and provide a natural, non-toxic surface to practice on. 


Woman holding natural rubber yoga mat


Secondly, our yoga mats offer the perfect amount of cushioning and support, which is especially important for women who may experience joint pain or discomfort during their menstrual cycle. Just as we insist on a firm mattress for the best sleep, it is a fallacy that more cushion is better for a yoga mat.

Our Bengal mats are 3 mm thick, providing a comfortable surface that supports the joints and spine during practice, while also giving a feeling of being grounded to the earth. The Kochi Travel mat is lightweight and slim and used specifically for travel. Which means it can be laid on the grass or a carpet in a hotel room to provide a cushion, while the top rubber gives you the stability and grip you need.


Woman sitting next to natural rubber yoga mat.


Thirdly, our mats provide excellent grip, even as the yogi sweats during intense practice. The natural materials used in our mat construction provide a non-slip surface that becomes more grippy as the user sweats, ensuring a secure and stable practice. After all rubber is the ultimate material for a good grip, which is why car tyres also use rubber. At the same time one can relax and hold for a longer period of time during a restorative sequence, with complete focus on one's breath.


Woman standing on natural rubber yoga mat.


Overall, our natural yoga mats offer the perfect combination of sustainability, cushioning, and grip for women yogis. As yogis ourselves, we believe that our mats support both the physical and spiritual aspects of the yoga practice, allowing women to fully immerse themselves in their practice and deepen their connection to themselves and the world around them.


Woman doing child pose on natural rubber yoga mat.


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