Proyog Unisex Yoga Dhoti Shorts Organic Cotton Bamboo I Chandra Grape

  • This unisex, specialized garment is inspired from the dhoti, a traditional Indian The traditional dhoti or loincloth worn by the yoga masters has been carefully reinvented into easy-to-wear yoga pants. Created by manipulating a single fabric in the softest blend of organic cotton and modal, the dhoti promises the greatest comfort during yoga and dance. Overlap in the front assures full coverage, pleats at the back allow for easy movement. Bold, sexy and comfortable, experience the freedom to move like never before.
    1. 49% Organic cotton / 46% Bamboo/ 5% Lycra®.
    2. We use European certified cotton to ensure that your skin only touches the softest fabric.
    3. OCS certified organic cotton
    1. A broad waistband for comfort and support.
    2. The pleats on the shorts allow maximum freedom of movement during your yoga practice.
    3. The crossover feature gives you added comfort during inversions.
    4. Reinforced and flattened seams.