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July 19, 2022 2 min read

Dr Geeta Iyengar,  in her book 'Yoga - a Gem for Women', says this about Savasana –
"Savasana is a link connecting the body and the mind, it connects asana and pranayama. The conscious relaxation of the body and the mind removes all tensions, and invigorates both. The process is like recharging the battery of a car.
Although this asana appears simple, it is most difficult to master...it may take some time for the mind to become steady, and the body to become silent.  By regular practice you learn to release tensions to experience the blissful state. 
In the beginning one may fall asleep when silence is experienced, but later one will learn to be silent without falling asleep.  In the beginning, you will find it hard to adjust everything consciously, but gradually it becomes easy to observe and the adjust everything simultaneously so that the mind and the body rest quicker. Later, as one masters this asana, one experiences the nonexistent state of the body, the mind, the intellect, and the Ego; and the Self is realised. The external world is there, but in this state, it seems non-existent...
In Savasana, all parts of the body, skin, muscles and nerves are relaxed.  Energy which flows outward from the body is deflected to flow inwards. It thus becomes harnessed instead of dissipated... It helps the body and the mind to recuperate after long and serious illnesses.  Asthmatic patients, and those suffering from other respiratory diseases, heart trouble, nervous tension, and insomnia derive tremendous benefit from it as it soothes the nerves and calms the mind. 
Practice of Savasana brings a sound and refreshing sleep devoid of dreams. It is not simply lying flat on the back.  It is a state of meditation."

This week we bring you the most delicious Shavasana hacks!

This simple yet super effective asana can help us overcome the exhaustion and tiredness caused by the heat. Face down, face up or legs propped on a chair, whichever version you choose, it’s sure to make you feel cooler than the weather.

If you are experiencing tightness in your hamstrings, this variation of Shavasana is the one to practice. This is also great to practice if you are menstruating and suffer from cramps. Prop your knees over a bolster to give your hamstrings a breather!

Prone position with a blanket under your abdomen for support is a great way to end your practice on a hot day.

Sandhya practices Shavasana with her legs propped on top of a chair. She wears the Chin racer back and the Baka tights.

If the back feels a bit sore or if you have had an extensive back bends practice, Rest your calves and legs on a chair to completely release your back and relax.

If you have trouble closing your eyes, try using an eye pillow over your eyes to help you relax. 

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