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An e-book to help you develop strength and stability through self practice

May 31, 2021 34 Comments

An e-book to help you develop strength and stability through self practice

Online zoom classes have become the new normal for anyone wanting to learn yoga. While there is so much choice, it's also daunting because all of us are at different levels of practice, and there is only this much a teacher can address online in a class. Self-practice is the only way to build a long-lasting connection with your body. 

Yoga sequence for strength and stability

Module 4 index from the e-book Strength and Stability Flow

Our latest offering, an e-book to build strength and stability, helps you get closer to this elusive goal of self-practice.

Strength & Stability Flow is an e-book for beginners and intermediate practitioners developed in collaboration with Samrat Pasham, a seasoned yoga teacher.

The e-book is divided into 4 modules with close to 30 unique poses. Each pose is supported with an illustration, detailed instructions, notes of caution, and alternative variations for whoever can't access the primary posture. The objective is to work with our body gradually to build strength and achieve balance at our own pace.

Shalabasana instructions

An excerpt from the e-book, Shalabasana with instructions, variations and caution note.

Samrat Pasham is a Proyog ambassador and a yoga teacher. Samrat has completed his TTC with Aayana Yoga Bangalore and continues to explore Vinyasa, Ashtanga & Hatha yoga and various other styles.
In 2016, Samrat weighed 101 kgs and was diagnosed with severe Hypothyroidism, a fatty liver condition, skeletal muscle issues and anxiety. He was advised by his doctor to change his lifestyle – this included both eating habits and physical exercise. After trying out various activities, he zeroed in on yoga. He felt this was the best choice for him as it had low impact on joints and included a lot of breathwork.

Samrat Pasham transformational weight loss

Samrat Pasham's transformation through yoga.

Samrat says -
"After a few months of yoga practice, I began to see marked improvements in many areas - I felt strong, more grounded and optimistic. My mental health had started to improve, and I was able to stop taking meds for anxiety. I worked to get my weight down to a steady 72 kgs. I felt excited by the developments and began to pay close attention to what was helping me.

The most effective elements in my growth were - 

  • attention to breath ( this was like magic for my mental health)
  • mindful movement (I felt connected to myself in a way that I had never before)
  • simple, repeatable practices (this encouraged flexibility and created stability)"

Shavasana instructions

An excerpt from the e-book, Strength and Stability Flow

This 200 page e-book distils the essence of what helped Samrat recover and build strength and stability. It is also carefully curated to cater to everyone – advanced, intermediate as well as beginner practitioners.

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Learn more about Samrat here and follow him on Instagram.

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August 09, 2021

I love to read this book.


August 09, 2021

would like to learn more with this e book

Malati Harish

August 09, 2021

Asana well explained with the graphic n also the precautions

Manisha Nikam

August 09, 2021

Yess…I m interested as I feel very difficult to match with young girls as I m 52 year old lady …so I can stop myself


August 09, 2021

Want to learn yoga


August 09, 2021

Wow. Awesome. Really want to try it


August 09, 2021

I need e book

Trupti Gouda

August 09, 2021

Will to be pro in it

Chaya Gogoi

August 09, 2021

Yes I need this.

Puja bardia

August 09, 2021

I need the ebook

Tilottama Dave

August 09, 2021

I like to flow suggest from you..

Jasmine shaikh

August 09, 2021

Book seems to be so useful and effective


August 09, 2021

I would like to have this book


August 09, 2021

Hope this book can help to improve d chaos in my life

Fatma Firdaus

August 09, 2021

Want this ebook

Madhyama segal

August 09, 2021

Would love to try this !!

Yoga sudha

August 09, 2021

I’ll make a good use of this ebook

Megha jaggi

August 09, 2021

Would like to learn through the ebook

Simerjeet Arora

August 09, 2021

Meditation, a form of yoga, kept me healthy and positive during covid.

Neena lalwani

August 09, 2021


Ashwini uikey

August 09, 2021

Love to doing yogapractice for healthy mind and body

Rabina dadel

August 09, 2021

I love yoga I want lean yoga


August 09, 2021

I am so keen on practicing yoga regularly and I think this e-book would be of great help to me.


August 09, 2021

Wish to understand the magic of physical engineering.


August 09, 2021

Yes I am interested

Puja Bardia

August 09, 2021

I want the free book


August 09, 2021

Want this book


August 09, 2021

Excited to learn


August 09, 2021

Very nice initiative

Hema Naresh Patel

August 09, 2021

I Love Yoga .. I Improve My Self , Mentally And Physically. And I Learning . Thank You 😊😇

Swati shah

August 09, 2021

Read this book an have experienced


August 09, 2021

Looking forward


August 09, 2021

I would like to know yoga in and out

Manya kukreja

August 09, 2021

How can I buy this book

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