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Proyog Unisex Yoga Dhoti Easy Pants Organic Cotton Bamboo I Tula Raspberry

  • This unisex, specialized garment is inspired from the jodhpur, a traditional Indian garment which is named after the capital of the princely state of Marwar. Held at the calf, this is the most comfortable style statement you'll ever make.
    1. 49% Organic cotton / 46% Bamboo/ 5% Lycra®.
    2. We use European certified cotton to ensure that your skin only touches the softest fabric.
    3. OCS certified organic cotton
    1. A broad waistband for comfort and support.
    2. Easy wrap around the hips, providing comfort and support as you move in and out of poses.
    3. Pockets that will hold your mobile phone.
    4. Snug from the calf to the ankles.
    5. Reinforced and flattened seams.

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